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A few things about me

I am Creative Luck, an unconventional good luck guide with over 30 years experience changing people's lives for the better. My extensive knowledge and results have astounded many, including those who are now living a more abundant life. I have worked with hundreds of people over the years which has allowed me that knowledge, creating formula's which work to bring about many successful outcomes.

Creative Luck Your Home

Creative Luck is NOT Feng Shui,
nothing like it in fact

I have been using my technique for many years
and I am proud to say - It Works! 

By utilising the Creative Luck formula in your home you can change the current influences in your life, your workplace as well as your home. You all deserve to have an easy flowing life; wonderful things should be continuously happening for you, not just for your family, friends and work colleagues which seems to be the familiar story I get from those who are desperate for help.

There are so many wonderful things you can do to bring luck into your life and with the expert help from Creative Luck you could change your life for the better. 

Creative Luck consultations
approx 4 hrs 
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