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Creative Luck's Rare Unique Cloches and Lanterns

Creative Luck's rare and amazing handmade creations are designed by Maria Saunders
for the sole purpose of bringing the owner success in Love, Luck and Good Fortune

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Love Luck & Success

Psychic Room

Wedding Lantern

The Witches Den

Money Tree

Witches Den Cloche

Witches Den Cloche



Money Tree Dome


Witches Chair

The Witches Den Series - Lantern

This unique Antique Gold Lantern is so beautiful, a magnificent piece of art. A miniature Witches Den with all her favorite spell casting ingredients rest on the shelves, table and benches, along with real miniature handmade books, some are filled with inscripted spells to bring good fortune. Miniature spell bottles are filled with real potions used in spell casting. You will find yourself sitting for hours finding new things to look at in this amazing piece of art.

This beautiful Lantern is a delight when the lights are turned on

The Witches Den Series - Cloche

These amazing Cloches are a must if you are a lover of miniature things. Regardless of their meaning, there is something beautiful about old things and these Rare Cloches take us back in time. They are unique, authentic and handcrafted with attention to detail. Filled with tiny miniature books which are as small as 1/2 cm, the detailed scrolls are scripted, the candles have wicks and the tiny potion bottles are filled with real ingredients used in spell casting. Don't forget the witches broomstick and of course the crystal ball. Be assured that each design is a one of a kind, each with their own Certificate of Authenticity. 

Young & Jacksons Inspired Shadow Box

I've always loved Chloe, her portrait hangs in Melbourne's famous Young & Jackson's Hotel
She is so beautiful I had to make this piece which ended up in a customer's home who couldn't resist when he saw the detail and beauty in this shadow box.

Harry Potter Inspired

Creative Lanterns for Love & Luck by Request

Creative Lanterns by Request

Good Fortune in the cards - Psychic Room

This rare Church Lantern was so impressive I regret parting with it, the inside is even more amazing.

Madame sits at her table reading the cards for the lanterns owner, showing her a future filled with love and good fortune. The intricate details of the reading, the newspaper clippings and scripted scrolls lay on the table. Magic potion bottles are filled with real ingredients used in spell casting are place in the handmade bookshelf, even the books are detailed with spells for luck - all handmade. Many of the furniture pieces are crafted by the artist. This is my favorite so far, it was certainly difficult to let her go.

Book Lovers Library..... Library Lantern

Missy is a lover of books -  so you could imagine her surprise when she saw her dream come to life when I arrived with her finished project she ordered.

A perfect little space to relax and read, a sitting room with a fireplace which has a mantel filled with tiny little books, the largest being 2cm, some even smaller. A staircase bookshelf leads upstairs,  there's another room filled with books near the crushed velvet couch. Swarovski Crystals and a Chandelier hang from the ceiling. The room is filled with lights which light up at night. 

On the coffee table the crystal ball which sits on a crushed velvet cloth tells of the travels she dreams of, also a statue of Paris sits close by her golden cup and saucer. On the crushed velvet covered couch sits her Passport, Plane Ticket and Money for when she decides to travel. Her lamp stand is tall and fills its place nicely. 

Paris - Looking for Love ..... Cafe Lantern

Aimee requested a Cafe Lantern, little did she know that it would be based in Paris. This is one of my favorite pieces, a beautiful piece of art. The backdrop is a busy walkway with cafes and shops to give an illusion of being in Paris itself. Three dining tables with white & gold chairs sit nicely on a brick floor. The tables are covered in white table cloths, Aimee has her own table at the front, she enjoys reading whilst enjoying a fabulous coffee from a gold cup which sits on a saucer. Her handbag is in full view which has her passport and 1st class plane ticket sitting nicely in its place. A tarot reader sits close by with Aimee's future spread across the table, in front of a crystal ball. Close by sits a couple enjoying a glass of wine. Real tree branches grow nicely to the left giving the outdoor cafe privacy from other shops. Aimee was over the moon and said it was more than she expected. 

Thank you Aimee it was fun making this for you. 

For the DOCTOR who has everything

A miniature Doctors Room -

An old bookshelf is filled with miniature medical books and potion bottles, the famous Doctors Oath sits on the top shelf. A Stethescope rests on a medical box filled with bandages and medical creams, along side is a golden tea cup  which rests ontop of paperwork. Amongst other things there is a filing cabinet which rests in the corner which leads to the staircase,  a skeleton hangs off the wall and the Drs very own Certificate of Medicine hangs on the wall behind his chair. A perfect gift for a Doctor who has everything.

The Witches Den Series


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