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Domes & Cloches

Cloches are the smaller version of the Glass Dome - approx 14cm in height, they are so cute it's hard to not want one. Cloches are a must if you are a lover of miniature things. Regardless of their meaning there is something beautiful about old things and these Rare Cloches take us back in time. They are unique, authentic and handcrafted with attention to detail. Filled with tiny miniature scripted books which are as small as 2cm, the detailed scrolls are scripted, the real candles have wicks and the tiny potion bottles are filled with real ingredients used in spell casting. Don't forget the witches broomstick and of course the crystal ball. Be assured that each design is a one of a kind. 

Whether you choose a Dome or Cloche, you will not be disappointed with your purchase. They are all beautiful, each with it's own unique setting.Such a beautiful gift or to keep for yourself.


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