The Witches Den Series Lantern $775

Unique Antique Gold Lanternfilled with real potion filled bottlesfor spell casting, spells and wands, witches broom, cloak and wand. The books are inscripted with spells for luck. This unique Lantern is a one of a kind. Hand creafted with attention to detail.
At night this Lantern is a delight when the lights are turned on

Cloches and Domes by Creative Luck

Creative Luck Domes, Cloches and Lanterns are unique, authentic and handcrafted with intricate detail. These beautiful pieces are more than an ornament, they are a piece of art, handcrafted by Maria, a creative artist from Melbourne.

From the money trees to the room settings, they are filled with tiny handmade books, scripted scrolls, a tarot reading, tiny filled bottles and much much more.

You really should be excited knowing that owning one of these could not only change your life, but you could be the envy of those who visit you, they are certainly a talking point. The Lanterns light up when you turn on the lights, and no Lantern, Dome or Cloche are the same, so be assured you will own something no-one else has. 

The Witches Den Series Cloche - $95

These amazing Cloches are a must if you are a lover of miniature things. Regardless of their meaning, there is something beautiful about old things and these Rare Cloches take us back in time. They are unique, authentic and handcrafted with attention to detail. Filled with tiny miniature books which are as small as 1/2 cm, the detailed scrolls are scripted, the candles have wicks and the tiny potion bottles are filled with real ingredients used in spell casting. Don't forget the witches broomstick and of course the crystal ball. Be assured that each design is a one of a kind, each with their own Certificate of Authenticity. 

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Tarot Reading - 3 Question Reading Gift 

This cute little Tarot Reading is a gift for all. It's as good as a paid reading, 3 Answers to 3 Questions, a satin bag and your very own affirmation doll. A suitable gift for all occasions 

Miniature Fun
for serious people

Affirmation Pendant for those who wish to carry their dreams with them always, create your own affirmation and place it in your pendant.

Tarot Reading 
in a Jar

The perfect way to buy a set of Tarot Cards
Designed by Creative Luck using their own designed Tarot Deck with Real Answers to Real Questions. A full deck scrolled into a jar, perfect to keep in your car when your thoughts are roaming and those questions need answers 

Tarot Wheel


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