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The Witches Den series


The Witches Den Series is a popular series of unique art created for those who love old things. These miniature designs are creative one of a kind piece and can be purchased in both Lanterns & Glass Domes. Hand made with intricate detail they are an amazing piece to own.

 No Lantern or Dome is the same allowing the purchaser to own a unique piece of art

The Witches Den Lanterns

These unique Lanterns are so beautiful, magnificent pieces of art. A miniature Witches Den with all her favorite spell casting ingredients rest on the shelves, table and benches, along with real miniature handmade books, many of these books are filled with scripted spells to bring good fortune. Miniature spell bottles are filled with real potions used in spell casting. You will find yourself sitting for hours finding new things to look at in these amazing pieces.

These beautiful Lanterns have battery operated remote lights which can be used as bedside lamps, such a delight to look at when the lights are turned on


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